Braun 5270 X’elle Body System Epilator


The X’elle Body System Epilator is Braun’s answer to female grooming. Just so that everybody is clear, an epilator, as opposed to a shaver or razor, will remove a batch of hairs at a time by gripping and pulling them out; they are not designed to shear hairs, but to extract them.

Epilators in general are often considered painful to use, as they pull hair out at the roots, like with waxing. Most advances in the technology have understandably concentrated on making the experience less torturous for the user.

Here we look at the Braun system and how it stacks up with ladies who’ve used one.

Appearance and Accessories

The product is intended as a gentle but effective approach to epilating and is small enough to fit into the palm of most ladies’ hands.

It is light blue in color, bean-shaped, weighs around 12 ounces and comes provided with a storage pouch and cleaning brush, as well as a separate shaver head.

Main Features

  • Uses 40 individual tweezers in its head.
  • The height of pain-reduction is achieved because of its Active Massage system of rollers on the skin that stimulate it with micro-pulses before and after the hair is plucked.
  • The two-speed system is designed to remove the smallest of hairs.
  • Braun claims that it leaves the skin silky smooth for “up to 4 weeks”.
  • A SmartLight illuminates the area being tended to – shows up even the tiniest and flattest hairs.
  • Supplied with this model is a separate trimmer head – attach it to the body of the epilator cut the hairs, as an alternative to a full epilating treatment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The unit comes with a cleaning brush that can be used to clean away residual hairs from the tweezers and the insides of the epilator.


You may see the X’elle Body System Epilator retailing for around $200 but can pick it up for $120-$160 at established online retailers.


Braun’s X’elle Body System Epilator comes with a one-year warranty.

User Reviews

Over 80% of users have had positive experiences with Braun’s X’elle Body System Epilator, which is a very good sign.

Users say that it is easy to hold and operate, that it manages to pluck hairs in any area with the minimum of pain, due to the numbing effect of the massage rollers, and liked the added shaver that was provided for lazy days.

They also said that it could handle pretty much any length of hair, even the shortest ones, which means that you don’t have to wait for the hairs to grow much after the first few times you use it, before you can achieve smoothness again. They also regularly praise the SmartLight system for detection of hairs.

On the con side, some users say that it is rather loud to use, but it’s  the micro-pulses which numb the skin that causes most of the noise, so most were prepared to put up with this. Others say that the power cord was a little short and suggested using it with an extension cord.

This unit is by no means cheap, but waxing is not cheap either and this is a very good alternative, by all accounts, and should last you for years.

On a side note, there are plenty of good online tips for ladies using one of these devices for the first time and fearful of the initial discomfort it may cause when pulling hairs. You can Google online help.

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