Braun 560 Rechargeable Shaver

The Braun 560 Rechargeable Shaver is one of their high-range, Series 5 shavers. It looks to bring a “power and precision” approach to shaving, using its Gillette blade technology.

As expected with a Braun it is a foil head shaver, but let’s see what else can you expect from one of these units.

Appearance and Inclusions

Style-wise the 560 is shaped with non-slip finger-grips that make it nice and easy to hold and use.  It is blue and silver in color and tapers slowly from the precision, floating foil head down to the base and features an LED on the front with 5 light indicators.

As well as the shaver, this unit comes with a deluxe travel pod and cleaning brush.

Main Features

  • Gillette Blade Technology is used in a 3-stage cutting system.
  • The Gillette precision comfort blades are specially-angled to give the closest shave possible and are designed to remove hair effortlessly in one stroke, resulting in less irritation.
  • In this unit you see the expertise of an established blade company with Braun’s expertise in providing powerful, convenient and comforting electric shaving units.
  • For a tailored shave there is a Comfort Setting switch, which controls the level of pivoting according to your own requirements. The head adjusts well to shape of the face.
  • The extra-thin smartfoils used in this series help to raise any flattened hairs and align them, ready for cutting by the high-speed blades.
  • Any flattened hairs that have not been raised by the foil will be caught by the power comb, which is especially good for the neck area. This ensures an all-over shave, with fewer “missed” hairs.
  • An extendable trimmer also allows for any longer hairs in the beard or sideburns to be trimmed easily.
  • The shaver is operated with the same up and down movements as a wet shaver, so it is easy to control and the slim heads mean that it’s easy to use it in the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Its battery is lithium ion and there is a 5-minute quick charge facility if you are in a hurry.
  • Fully rechargeable unit that can be used for traveling.
  • Automatically selects the right worldwide voltage setting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Braun 560 is washable under running water for easy cleaning. Just switch the shaver on for 5 to 10 seconds and rinse, after each use.

For best results a drop of machine oil every now and again wouldn’t hurt either.


The Braun 560 Rechargeable Shaver is usually priced at between $180 and $240, depending on where you look.


The Braun 560 comes with a year 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

User Reviews

Most users rate the Braun 560 very well in terms of the closeness and comfort of shave, good battery life and ease of use and cleaning.

The main negative comment from users was about the travel case only being big enough for the shaver and not for the cleaning brush too, so nothing too major.

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