Braun 9595 Series 7 Electric Shaver

The Braun 9595 Series 7 Electric Shaver is one of the most popular lines from Braun, in their long line of foil head shavers that they have brought to the market over the years. Weighing in at around $275 – $300 online, it is not a cheap model but let’s look at the reasons why it’s popular.


The Braun 9595 Series 7 Electric Shaver is one of the most popular lines from Braun, in their long line of foil head shavers that they have brought to the market over the years.

This is not a cheap series of shavers so let’s look at the features that make this one is so popular.

Appearance and Accessories

The razor itself is quite a striking silver, chrome and blue color and is a solid design with a rubber gripping back-side for ease of holding and using. It has a rounded oblong shaped head supporting the blades and foil cutting system and quite a straight stem. It looks very solid but is not too heavy.

With its sophisticated cleaning and docking station (“Clean and Renew”) this is a bulky item for an electric shaver, though people have become more used to this as docking stations have become more commonplace in recent years.

Main Features

  • The 10,000 plus micro-vibrations per minute from the head make this a powerful unit – this system stimulates the skin and allows more hairs to be trapped and cut.
  • The precision Gillette Blade Technology works to cut the hairs and provide a close shave first time without any pulling.
  • Braun’s touch-sensitive foils that cover the blades provide a smooth, comfortable shave that minimizes any irritation or risk of soreness.
  • The Braun 9595 Series 7 head is flexible, with a pivoting head, and will follow the contours of the face and the neck, enhancing the comfort of the shave and also meaning that it can reach all the harder to get to areas.
  • A Power-Comb feature lifts any problem hairs that lie flat to the skin in hard-to-shave areas, meaning that less hair is missed.
  • A quick charge option is available for charging the Lithium ion battery, which takes about 5 minutes.
  •  Full recharge takes about an hour.
  • Provides around 50 minutes of continuous cordless shaving.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Clean and Renew system docking station is one of the features that makes this model stand out.

It will clean, lubricate, dry and recharge the razor efficiently, thanks to its Energy Star qualified battery charger.

The system can be activated as the touch of a button and the washing cycle completed either fully or in a Fast mode that will clean the shaver in 25 seconds if you are in a hurry.

Alternatively, the unit can be washed under running water effectively, if the Clean and Renew system is unavailable or if you decide not to take it when you travel.

Users recommend combining standard cleaning with using the cleaning station to save on cleaning cartridge costs.


You can buy a Braun 9595 Series 7 electric shaver for around $275 – $300 online,


This shaver comes with a 2-year warranty which excludes the cutter and foil which will probably need replacing inside 2 years.

User Reviews

The Braun 9595 Series 7 electric shaver is one of the highest rating models of electric razor from users on the largest online retail sites.

Despite the high price, users are overwhelmingly positive about the close, comfortable shave it provides and the ease of maintenance with the Clean and Renew system.

The main negative with this model is the price of the shaver and the cleaning fluid, which takes it out of many people’s budgets.

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