Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer Review


The Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer is a high-performance, full grooming solution for the man looking for an all over body-smoothness.

This body shaver is used as a single device to clear all body hair that is an annoyance or is unsightly and comes at a very affordable price that places it well within most budgets.

Appearance and Inclusions

The Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer is a long, tall shaft that sits in its stand, with the head tapering gently down to the base. It is gray and blue in color with an orange power switch on the front.

Along with the grooming unit come three detachable combs that can control the length of the hair you are trimming: a sensitive comb, a 3mm comb and a 5mm comb. It is also supplied with a black stand, a cleaning brush, a charger and a pouch.

Main Features

  • You can trim the hair on your body to a perfect length by using one of the three different attachable comb extensions.
  • For a complete shave a Gillette Fusion blade is used to give you a close shave and smooth finish every time.
  • Uses standard Gillette razor cartridges.
  • The combination of a precision power trimmer and Gillette Fusion blade for shaving in a body groomer is unique! Use both or only one of these features.
  • Removes and trims hair with a single stroke, reducing irritation or soreness.
  • Use dry or in the shower for extra convenience. 100% waterproof.
  • Recommended for all body areas.
  • The recharge time of 10 hours provides up to 50 hours of usage, according to Braun.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Washing the unit under the tap to clear excess hair and stubble, after each usage, is the best way to keep your unit in tip-top condition. Use the cleaning brush to help.


The Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer can be purchased for around $60 at any store that sells it but you will find it for considerably cheaper online.


The Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer carries a one- year warranty.

User Reviews

These grooming units have become popular because they can save money when compared with the relatively high cost of laser hair removal or waxing.

The Braun BodyCruzer Body Groomer is exceptional value considering what it can save you.

Most users seem to have experienced good things from this unit, with special mentions for its versatility (trimming/shaving or combined), the fact that it uses standard Gillette razor cartridges rather than specialist ones and its solid build.

The main negatives include some difficulties with using the shaver/trimmer in combination mode and with getting the angles right.

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