Braun PocketGo Shaver Review

braun-pocketgo-shaverAre you a man who leads a fast paced life and needs to have the ability to shave on the go? The Braun PocketGo Shaver fits right into your busy work schedule and will fit into your budget as well. You will enjoy a lot of great features that are packed inside this compact shaver, and the benefits it will bring are enormous.

You will be able to carry this men’s electric shaver with you on business trips, vacation, or just a weekend getaway. No matter where you go you will always be able to maintain a sharp appearance.

Features of the Braun PocketGo Shaver

We do not think you should have to go without the use of the features that are available on any of the full size Braun shavers, and the makers of this great product did not think so either. You will still be able to enjoy the ultra thin foil head that is extra wide and adjusts to the contours of your face to provide you with an extra close comfortable shave.

You will also be able to enjoy the pop out trimmer that is included in the Braun PocketGo Shaver. This makes it handy to keep your sideburns and mustache in great looking shape while you are away from home.

The PocketGo Shaver is also washable so you will not have to worry about waiting until you arrive home from your busy day at work or from a weekend trip to be able to clean it before using it again. Simply run it under any faucet and it will come clean with ease.

There is also a feature that makes this a great men’s shaver for protection and handling. It has a unique twist cap on it that protects the foil head of the shaver when it is not in use. You can also twist the cap down to extend it into a full size electric shaver. This makes holding it easier so you can ensure that you will not drop it and damage it.

Braun PocketGo Shaver-Convenience at a Great Low Price

Braun has truly figured out a way to combine convenience and low prices together for an amazing men’s electric shaver – the lowest prices I’ve come across for this shaver is on Amazon. It does not get much better than a shaver that can be used anywhere and does not take up any extra room in luggage. The Braun PocketGo Shaver can be found for a very low price – How can you ask for much more than Braun is giving you with this great product?

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