Braun SE3170 Silk-epil SoftPerfection Epilator


All epilators look a little frightening to me but I’m a man and I’ve never had a wax!

Therefore the heads on these devices which have tweezers that resemble little teeth probably aren’t as dread-inducing to a woman who will be thankful to some of the advances that these items have made over the years, in terms of minimizing the discomfort of extracting hair.

Just so everybody is clear, epilators don’t chop hair; they remove it at the roots, but without the potentially harmful chemicals involved in other methods.

Braun has been at the forefront of this technology for female shaving for a while and here we look at their Silk-epil SoftPerfection unit: its design, its features and its reactions from users.

Appearance and Accessories

The Braun SE3170 is a very feminine pink color and weighs around 9 ounces, with matte finish grips for easy gripping in the palm of a lady’s hand.

The unit comes supplied with power cable and cleaning brush.

Main Features

  • The latest in technology for removing hair at the root, using a SoftLift system for extra close epilation and smoother skin.
  • Braun claims that it provides smooth hair-free skin for up to 4 weeks, though this is hard to verify.
  • It achieves its advertised “gentle” approach by using two four-way massage rollers that stimulate the skin before and after hair removal, to reduce the pulling sensation.
  • It also uses small tips in its epilating head that are designed to lift individual hair follicles so that even the flat-lying hairs can be removed, adding to the smoothness of the finished area of skin.
  • Epilation with the EfficiencyPro clip lets you cover a larger area of skin- more hairs are removed first time without having to re-pass over the same area.
  • Two speed settings that offer slow and gentle or quick hair-removal.
  • Mains operated.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For cleaning a brush is provided. There is no recharging of this unit – it is mains operated, which makes sense because of the length of time that epilating generally takes would require constant recharging or replacing of batteries.


Retailing at $70 but available online at $50 or below, this unit is slightly lower-priced than Braun’s X’elle Body System epilator.


The Braun Soft Perfection Epilator comes with Braun’s one-year limited warranty.

User Reviews

This device has produced largely positive responses from users, who have praised its ease of use and its minimization of the pain factor. Of course pulling hairs is always going to hurt somewhat but most reviewers understand this and even offer useful tips to reduce it when using this device. It seems to handles plucking of hair in all locations on the body, with enough practice.

Some users have complained that frequent use leads to more ingrown hairs and stubble being produced but those who have used these types of appliances for a while provide good tips for getting around these problems and the most important piece of advice seems to be to remain patient.

To summarize, if you’re fed up with exfoliating lotions that don’t work or waxing that is painful and expensive, then the Silk-epil offers a great, value-for-money alternative for most women.

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