Braun Series 1 Men’s Shaver Review


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Braun Series 1 Shaver Review

Are you someone who does not need all of the modern technology and features to get an excellent shave? The Braun Series 1 Shaver has just what you are looking for. This simplistic men’s shaver possesses all of the qualities of a good modern day shaver without all of the fancy gadgets that one has. Shaving is already a huge hassle for some men and some electric razors are too complex for some men to figure out. The Braun Shaver is very simple to use and comes with a lot of excellent features.

Features of the Braun Series 1 Shaver

Although they have made this series of shavers very simple to use Braun has not taken anything away from it. These men’s shavers feature ultra thin foil heads so a man can get a close comfortable shave. They have also done something different with the foil heads of this shaver and created a free float system which stays with the contours of your face and effortlessly follows along whichever direction you guide it in.

Another great thing about this electric razor is that it is waterproof. This means when you are done shaving it can be ran under warm water to clean it off and prepare for it to be used the next time you need to shave.

The Braun Series 1 Shaver is cordless and rechargeable. That means you will be able to take it anywhere you want to shave and then put it on the recharging base when you are finished using it. The time that it takes to recharge is only one hour, so if you want to come back in and run it over your face just for the good feeling it gives you it enables you to do that rather quickly.

This shaver also features a pop out mustache and side-burn trimmer so that when you are finished shaving the hair off of your face and neck you can straighten up the other hair on and around your facial area.

Braun Series 1 Shaver-a Low Priced Simple Shave

Forget all of the bells and whistles that other shavers have added to try to get you to buy their products. You have to read a book the size of a small novel to learn to use them and then they still do not work as well as promised most of the time. If you are ready to shave using a simple to use electric shaver this is it. The Braun Series 1 Shaver has a low price tag of about $60 depending on the model number you choose and the store you go to. Let the technology geeks have the high priced electric razors, you go with the lowest priced simplest shave a man can get.

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