Background to Remington Shavers

Remington Products or simply "Remington" date right back to 1937, but the origins of the company go even further back to the early 1800's when the Remington firearms manufacturer started branching out into other consumer and household products.

Under the legendary face of Victor Kiam Remington became very famous for its fine quality electric shavers during the 1970s and 1980s. Victor Kiam came out with the phrase "When my wife bought me a Remington shaver, I was so impressed I bought the company". Read the rest of this article below the reviews....

Remington WDF 7000 Smooth & Silky Remington WDF 7000 Smooth & Silky

Overview The Remington WDF 7000 Smooth & Silky is a top of the line lady’s electric shaver from one of the “Big Four” razor manufacturers. If you’re going to spend the extra on a razor like this you will want to know what it does that a $40 razor doesn’t do and that’s what we take a look at below. Appearance... 

Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer Remington MB-200 Beard Trimmer

Overview Remington need little introduction, as they have been one of the Big 4 at the forefront of hair trimming for many decades now. Their electric shavers and trimmers always rank well in reviews, trade publications and online. The Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer is a low-end trimmer that is... 

Remington MS280 Titanium Shaver Review Remington MS280 Titanium Shaver Review

This is a shaver I bought for my dad last Christmas and he loves it. He swears it shaves him much close than his old Remington, without leaving a rash or cutting him at all. Before I tell you a bit about the razor itself, I want to share with you where I bought it from. I got the shaver at a great price from Amazon... 

Remington R-91 Dual Head Travel Shaver Remington R-91 Dual Head Travel Shaver

Remington R-91 Electric Shaver Review Are you tired of electric razors ripping your face apart? The Remington R-91 Shaver will never give you that problem. Men do not like the irritation and discomfort that many shaving products offer. There is also the bulkiness of some shavers that make them hard to handle and hard... 

Remington MS-280 Shaver Review Remington MS-280 Shaver Review

Where can I find a good men’s electric razor that has attractive features for a low price? This is a question asked by many men all over the world. No matter where you live in the country I am sure you will agree that shaving is a job that you do not look forward to doing each day. The Remington MS-280 Shaver is... 

Remington MS2-390 Shaver Review Remington MS2-390 Shaver Review

Overview The Remington MS2-390 is a budget foil-head shaver that is aimed at men who need a reliable shaving unit first and foremost, and are not too worried about all the extra features of the latest models on the market. It is a rechargeable and corded model so offers flexibility, but if you want fancy cleaning systems... 

Remington FF-400 Foil Shaver Review Remington FF-400 Foil Shaver Review

A lot of men shiver when the topic of shaving is brought up. The bumps and skin irritation that many shavers leave on their faces make shaving a very dreadful task. The Remington FF-400 Foil Shaver takes those bad thoughts and feelings away after only a single use. Many razors do not have half the features that this... 

Remington DA-307 Shaver Review Remington DA-307 Shaver Review

Have you ever heard the expression “feel the burn”? It is usually only used when someone is working out; however, many men have been feeling the burn for a long time and it is due to the razors they are using to shave with. The Remington DA-307 is the one you have been looking for that will take that burn... 

Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver

Is it hard to take your current razor to the gym to shave when you have finished working out? The Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver will not give you that problem. In fact, it was designed to be a razor that can travel very easily while still giving you a great shave. It features some very attractive benefits for men... 

They are now owned by Spectrum Brands and make a whole array of personal care products, including men's and women's electric shavers, hair clippers, beard and moustache trimmers, nose and ear hair trimmers, make-up mirrors, foot massagers, blow dryers, heated hair rollers and curling irons.

When it comes to men's shavers Remington offer both foil and rotary head shavers, which means they incorporate some of the strengths from all of the other three major razor manufacturers.

Key Models and Features

*All these prices I quote are correct retail prices at the time of writing as indicated on the Remington website. When you buy a shaver through this website though, you will save at least 20% and often much more...

Foil Shavers

F4790XLP Men's Pivot and Flex Dual Foil Shaver with Charging Stand

Retail Price $99.99*

F3790 Men's Dual Flex Foil Shaver

Retail Price $34.99*

F4790GB Men's Pivot and Flex Dual Foil Shaver

Retail Price $44.99*

F5790 Men's Pivot and Flex Triple Foil Shaver

Retail Price $59.99*

Men's Titanium Battery Operated Foil Travel Shaver

Retail Price $12.99*

Rotary Head Shavers

R8150 Featuring Pivot & Flex Technology

Retail Price $79.99*

R3150 360° Pivot & Flex Corded Rotary Shaver

Retail Price $34.99*

R4135HXLP 360° Pivot & Flex Rechargeable Rotary Shaver with Charging Stand

Retail Price $99.99*

R4150 360° Pivot & Flex Rechargeable Rotary Shaver

Retail Price $44.99*

R5130HXLP 360° Pivot & Flex Cord/Cordless Titanium Coated Rotary Shaver with Charging Stand

Retail Price $119.99*

R5150 360° Pivot & Flex Cord/Cordless Titanium Coated Rotary Shaver

Retail Price $59.99*

R7130 360° Pivot & Flex Cord/Cordless Rotary Shaver

Retail Price $69.99*

R7130HXLP 360° Pivot & Flex Cord/Cordless Rotary Shaver with Charging Stand

Retail Price $159.99*

SR9130 Super Rotary Counter Rotating Shaver

Retail Price $79.99*

Other Remington Grooming Products for Men

Remington also makes several other men's grooming products including:

- Body groomers
- Personal Groomers
- Haircut Kits
- Detail trimmers
- Mustache and beard trimmers

Remington Products for Ladies

Women's products made by Remington include:

- Wet and Dry Shavers
- Epilators
- Personal Groomers
- Flat Irons
- Hair dryers