Electric Shavers for Sensitive Skin

We often hear men with sensitive skin say that they cannot use an electric shaver, because it brings them out in bumps or a rash or is just too sore.

That needn’t apply nowadays, as manufacturers are constantly improving their products and making the best electric shavers for sensitive skin better suited to all types of skin and beard types.

More powerful motors and finely tuned cutting systems, more blades, finer foils and in-built moisturizers are just a few of the features that the best electric shavers for sensitive skin employ nowadays to create devices that produce less irritation.

So some men may need to suspend their aversion to electric shavers and give them a try again because many electric shaver users claim that they actually cause less irritation than disposable blades.

Here we look at a few ways you may be able to get the shave you are looking for from an electric shaver, even if you have very sensitive skin.

Before You Shave

Showering before shaving opens the pores of the skin and soaks and softens the whiskers, making them easier to remove – important if you have sensitive skin.

If you don’t want to shower you can use a flannel soaked in warm water and use on the face to achieve the same effect.

If you have one of the latest wet/dry shavers, of course you can shave while you are in the bath or shower and get the full benefit from the softening effect of the warm water and steam. You can also rinse and clean the shaver instantly as you shave, which will make things more comfortable too.

Shaving the Right Way with an Electric Shaver

Part of the trick in achieving a great shave is in the shaver that you choose, but there are also some tips on how you shave that can help you achieve an irritation-free technique.

Disposable blade shavers usually shave in the direction of hair growth, down the face; with a foil electric shaver the movement should be largely against the growth direction of the hair – the foils have tiny holes that will lift hairs up from the skin and help to catch them with the rest, for a more even and close shave.

It’s important if you have sensitive skin to not go over the same area more than necessary so shaving with this technique will mean less contact between the shaver and your face.

With a rotary head shaver using it with a circular motion will help. Shaving against the direction of hair growth for best results still applies though.

When you are shaving you can gently stretch the skin with your free hand to expose all hairs and create an even surface for the shaver to pass over and grab the hairs first time.

Another concern is how hard you press with your shaver; with the better shavers it should never be necessary to press hard and this should reduce the chance of skin reactions.

Ever Thought Of Using Shaving Oil?

Many men who complain that they can’t use an electric shaver because of sensitive skin have never tried their unit using shaving oil, gel or cream for extra lubrication.

This is a great way to reduce friction and many of the wet/dry shavers made nowadays are made with this in mind – specifically aimed at minimizing irritation.

Shaving oils are perhaps not as popular as creams or gels but are worth a try if you have not had much success using anything else.

Choosing Your Shaver

One shaver that is specifically marketed at men with sensitive skin is the Philips Norelco Nivea for Men model, which dispenses moisturizer as you shave, lubricating and reducing irritation. It is quite unique.

Of course you could get equally good results with a shaver of similar quality using a separate moisturizer as described above.

The best advice with choosing your shaver is to find one that is powerful enough to handle your beard without repeatedly going over the same area, has a quality cutting system with at least 3 blades (4 or even 5 are becoming common), uses hypoallergenic foils (if a foil head shaver), can be used wet and dry and has a pivoting head that can follow your unique contours. There are plenty to choose from that cover all these bases.

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