Panasonic Arc IV ES-LA63-S Multi Flex

The Panasonic Arc IV ES-LA63-S Multi Flex Nanotech is one of the higher end models from Panasonic that you will see on the market.

Like the Braun shavers, Panasonic specialize in the foil-head shavers rather than the rotary blade types that Philips Norelco are known for.

There are a lot of cheaper models in the Panasonic range so let’s take a closer look at the features of this model that make the difference.

Appearance and Inclusions

The ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech is a stylish silver-colored unit with an ergonomic stem handle that has an illuminated blue LCD display, supporting a large multi-flexible pivoted active head that moves in 2 directions. The back of the stem is rubberized, making it easy to hold, whether wet or dry.

As well as the shaver you get a travel case and charger with this item.

Main Features

  • Uses an ultra-thin vibrating outer foil only 41 micrometers thick, which makes it incredibly sensitive – the vibrations from the motor lift the hair follicles and give the closest possible shave.
  • The 30-degree inner blades also use nanotechnology to cut the hairs at their base to provide an even closer shave.
  • A non-irritating shave is achieved by the four multi-arc blades which exert very even pressure on the chin and facial areas and react well to the contours of the face, leaving the shaven area smooth and free of any redness.
  • This shaver has a fast, powerful, linear motor drive that produces 14,000 cycles per minute, meaning that you don’t have to go over areas repeatedly to achieve smoothness.
  • You can use it plugged in, cordless while travelling, or cordlessly in the shower using gel or shaving foam to augment the closeness and comfort of the shave.
  • For longer hairs you can use the pop-up trimmer that comes supplied.
  • Fully charges in 1 hour and this allows approximately 40 minutes of shaving time.
  • Switch-lock button that means it cannot accidentally be turned on when travelling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike other models in this price range there is no docking station to clean, lubricate and charge the razor.

Cleaning is performed by running the unit under a tap and pressing the power button long enough for it to enter cleaning mode, where it will receive a powerful boost from its motor to help the process.

The main positive of this system is that you save money as you don’t have to buy the specially-designed cleaning cartridges that you need for the docking station system. It also saves on electricity costs.


You will find the Panasonic Arc IV ES-LA63-S Multi Flex Nanotech retailing for $300 in places, but you can pick one up online for around half that price at major bulk retailers like Amazon nowadays.


The Panasonic Arc IV shavers come with a one year warranty.

User Reviews

Most of the users of this shaver have given very positive feedback about the shaving experiences, from the comfortable feel of the shaver when using it, through the quality of the shave, battery life, its low noise output, the flexibility of the wet/dry shaving options and the ease of cleaning.

Some users have commented  that they get a much closer shave using it as a wet shaver, as it acts more like a traditional blade shaver than an electric razor.

In terms of the negative comments, there was some surprise from users that there was no cleaning/docking station or stand, which other similarly-priced models have nowadays.

There were also some people who considered the head a little bulky for reaching the hard-to-get-to areas when shaving and some who considered the razor a little plain-looking for its price.

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