Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver Review

Panasonic-Arc-IV-ES8243KDo you remember the first time you learned to shave? You were probably still in your teens and most likely learned with a disposable razor like most men did. The razor probably either made bumps come up on your skin and caused a burning sensation, but you were excited at the thought of doing such a manly thing that you did not care.

As you have grown older you probably do not enjoy that feeling anymore and it is time to buy a manlier product. The Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver will provide you with all of the features necessary to get a close comfortable shave and you will never have to worry about the skin irritation that you have been getting from other razors.

Features of the Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver

There are many outstanding qualities and features that this razor has to offer. One of which is the quadruple foil shaving head that offers a fourth shaving head for a remarkably close and comfortable shave every time. These four nanotech blades fit perfectly to your skin for an ultra-smooth one pass shave every time you use it. This means that you will only have to go over the hairy area one time no matter how long the hair on your face is.

The ultra sharp blades are another great feature offered by this men’s electric shaver. Most blades in other razors offer a range of 45-90 degrees while the blades in this great shaver are fixed at 30 degrees to provide the better cutting performance.
The motor that is installed in Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver is one of the fastest available at 13,000 RPMs. This means that the razors will never grab and pull your skin, and you will be provided with more comfort and less irritation of the skin as a result.

Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver-Disposable Razors Cost More

Stop reading this article right now and add up how much you spend on disposable razors every year. Now multiply that by about ten. What is your total? You probably spend a lot of money on disposable razors than you realize, or if you already own an electric shaver you are probably not getting the features and benefits of this great shaver. The Panasonic Arc IV ES8243K Shaver can be purchased in most stores for a price around $250. That is a great price for a high quality product that is sure to give you a comfortable time efficient shave for years to come.

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