Panasonic ES-LA93-K Mens Shaver

In most towns and cities in the United States you will find this razor on sale at almost $400 retail (available much cheaper online) the ES-LA93-K is a top of the range electric shaver that you would expect to have all the whistles and bells.

This is a mighty shaver that is not in the business of letting people down. It will give you a close, comfortable shave day in, day out….


The Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex shaver is a high-end, dependable foil shaver from one of the Big Four shaver manufacturers and is one of three Panasonic shavers on my top 10 electric shavers list.

This is for people looking for a high quality, close, comfortable shave day in, day out and don’t mind paying a bit extra for the privilege.

Let’s see what this model offers in terms of its design and features, as well as reviewing what customers who bought this model think of it.

Appearance and Inclusions

Like other Panasonic models, this shaver incorporates a slim ergonomic shaft with the rounded-edged oblong-shaped head perched on top. It looks stylish but solid.

It has a black and gleaming casing, which provides an elegant look.

At 2.2 x 2.7 x 6.5 inches it’s not that bulky, but it does weigh around 2 pounds with its docking station.

Along with the actual shaver comes the cleaner-recharger, an adapter, detergent cartridge and travel pouch.

Main Features

  • The pivoting shaver head is multi-flexible and this gives it the ability to mold to the shape of the face, ensuring comfort and lack of irritation during use.
  • The floating arc blade system uses FOUR nano-sharpened blades for a high-end cutting solution that captures all the hairs in the beard, no matter how rough the growth is.
  • There is no repeated going over of areas for a close shave – this model shaves quickly.
  • It has a Panasonic patented high-speed motor system that produces 14,000 micro-vibrations per minute – that’s just about the most powerful you can get. This is designed to reduce tugging of hairs and produce a quality, first-time shave of the area.
  • It also employs a second motor that pushes the ultra-thin foil and makes it vibrate.
  • It is designed to be used dry or with gel/foam, for people who prefer (many report a closer shave using this method). It can easily be used cordlessly in the shower.
  • This also allows it to be rinsed in warm water after the shave, if you don’t want to use the cleaning system.
  • A 10-level blue indicator display on the shaft remind you when the item needs cleaning and charging, as well as when to replace foils.
  • Switch-Lock Button means it cannot be switched on accidentally when travelling.
  • Low noise model.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The HydroClean cleaning system will clean, dry and charge the device at the press of a single button, making maintenance very easy.

It uses cleaning cartridges inserted into the base of the system, as per previous models.

Any performance deterioration over time can be offset by the regular replacement of foils, or blades, but the latter should not be necessary very often, unless you are a ‘heavy’ shaver.


In most towns and cities in the United States you will find this razor on sale at almost $400 retail. Online at one of the major shaver retailers you can get this item for around $230 – $250.


The Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex shaver includes a one year warranty.

User Reviews

It was pretty difficult to find anything too negative about this model, as it just seems to do its job extremely efficiently. The location of the trimmer came in for a couple of adverse comments but this is usually something customers get used to.

Users comment upon how lightly you have to press to achieve a close shave. This of course, means less chance of soreness on sensitive skin areas and an all-round quicker and more enjoyable shaving experience, especially when used in the shower.

They like the solidness of the build and the fact that it has some weight behind the power that it delivers.

This model is definitely not in everyone’s price bracket, but shopping online makes it more reasonable.

It’s one of the best on the market so if you get offered a bargain then we recommend snapping it up.

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