Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves

Here we’ll look at one of the leading lady’s shavers made by Panasonic – the Close Curves ES2207P model. It’s very reasonable price point ($23-$25) makes it a popular little item and we will see what that will buy you, what it does well and what the ladies out there are saying about it.

The shaver is designed for ease of holding in the palm of the hand and its curved stem with non-slip grip assures this. It’s only 5.8 inches tall and is quite ergonomic. It is mauve and white in color and features dual pop-up trimmers (2 trimmers in total) for stray or longer hairs. It is supplied with a travel pouch and a charger and stays “alive” for around 10 shaves on a full charge, according to the manufacturer.

It uses a triple-blade system for shaving, with ultra-thin foil covering the hypo-allergenic steel blades. This makes it effective and durable and avoids irritation and shaving rashes. It is designed to glide easily over the body curves and it can be used in the bath or shower and with foam or gel for a closer shave.

Being waterproof also means that it is easy to keep clean by rinsing the hairs out of the blades with running water. When the blades and foils become too worn they can be replaced too, so the life of the unit can be extended.

Remember with this item that, for a wet/dry and rechargeable item, the price point is very low. The overwhelming majority of users seem to understand this and report favorable experiences virtually all round when compared to other shavers, epilators and even wet blade shaving. Ladies seem to be able to use it for a close enough shave on face and legs and some like the fact that it doesn’t lift and cut the hairs, as that can cause them to grow back thicker at first.

The main downside seems to be the lack of a cord when charging, which means it cannot be used, which is often the case with the lower-priced models. The upside is that the battery seems to hold its charge well anyway. Some other users commented on the narrow heads too.

Overall what this unit offers is value for money, no-nonsense ladies shaving and there seem to be very few problems associated with it.

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