Panasonic ES4026NC Pro Curve Mens Shaver

Panasonic-ES4026NCThe retail price on this Panasonic Pro Curve shaver is just $49.99, but you can buy it for less than 30 bucks. That’s a saving of $20 on the regular price for a shaver that is ideal if you like to use shaving lather to shave while you’re taking a shower. It is also an ideal razor for keeping in the car for those mornings when you didn’t have time to shave at home.

Panasonic ES4026NC Pro Curve Shaver Review

You may have read reviews of other models in the Panasonic Pro Curve shaver range. This one concentrates on the ES4026NC and we elaborate on the design and functionality features of the unit, as well as taking a look at some of the user experiences.

Listed at $50, but available at less than $30 in some online stores, this is clearly aimed at the less serious user and we would expect this to be reflected in a simpler design and less of the “whistles and bells” of the higher end models. This is definitely the case, but read on – it’s far from a bad little unit!

It’s rather strange yellow, blue and white color scheme immediately sets it apart from other, pricier Pro Curve models. It’s about 6.5 inches tall and has a curvy feel to it that makes it easy to hold in the palm of the hand, aided by its non-slip grip, but it doesn’t feature the pivoted head of other units in the range. It does have the ever-present pop-up trimmer for mustache and sideburns though.

It’s a simpler design all round, retaining the hypo-allergenic stainless steel foil and blades of the other models, as well as the floating heads which produce a comfortable and close shave, but missing the sophistication of most of the other additional features (linear micro-vibrational motor, Nanotech blades, Arc foil, cleaning system etc.)

Two other great features for a $30-50 unit is the rechargeable battery and the wet/dry functionality, the latter meaning that is nice and easy to clean under running water and that it can be used with foam to produce a closer shave. Its rechargeable function means that it can be used for travel and it comes supplied with a pouch and adapter.

This razor gets the whole cross-section of comments from customers, from the very satisfied to the disgruntled, which is quite normal for one of the lower-end razors. Many of the negatives, in truth, are from people who expect a $50 to have the features of a $200 model – which is unrealistic.

Concentrating on what this unit does right, it seems to provide around a week of shaving when fully charged and works well on short beards – it’s designed to be used daily rather than on beards left for a few days. Users like the smooth shave in wet or dry conditions and the fact that it is relatively easy to clean. Most people consider it great value for a wet/dry shaver, most of which are considerably more expensive than this one.

Even people who otherwise like the unit were a little inconvenienced by the fact that you cannot use it while charging as it needs to sit in its charger base, but that doesn’t detract too much from the overall opinion that this unit is a real bargain from an established manufacturer.

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