Philips Norelco G480 Grooming Kit

This All-in-One Grooming Kit from Philips Norelco is a lower-end solution than their Bodygroom Pro model, checking in at less than half the price. Here we examine the main features and benefits of this model and also let you know what users are saying about its performance.

The G480 uses Philips patented Microblade Technology uses very tough Inox steel blades for smooth and sharp cutting of hair all over the body and comes supplied with a hair clipper comb and a beard and mustache comb with nine locking length settings for different length hair. Its stand, where it is will sit to store or recharge, is much bigger than the groomer itself and has spaces for all of the nine attachments that are supplied with it – such as nose and ear trimmer, precision trimmer, eyebrow comb and mini-shaver.

Physically, the black and silver colors give it a neat appearance and it is shaped to be easy to hold and use and also for visibility in those hard-to-reach-areas that can be tricky to shave.

Maintenance-wise it comes with a cleaning brush and hair comb to help clear out the hair under running water, but there is no lubrication of the blades required.

Users have mainly found the Groomer to perform well, but at a greatly reduced price to the Pro Groomer, it’s not surprising that this model receives generally less glowing reports – it’s a lower-end solution all round than the slick and sleek Pro model. Around 70% of users still relate a positive experience with this item.

Some of the positives are the versatility that it provides with all of the accessories. Generally they all work well and produce a close enough shave or trim to please most people, though expecting it to be as close as a wet shave is probably unrealistic for an electrical device. The precision trimmer and the detailing blade are especially effective. The length of battery charge was satisfactory with people who charged the device correctly and it’s light and compact enough to be taken traveling.

Negatives comments included things like the nose-trimmer pulling at hairs a little and the accessories not being wide enough to effectively cover large areas that need to be clipped. The width of the widest clipper blade is 1-1/4 inches, which is narrower than in some other competing models. Some other users complained that for regular facial shaving it doesn’t perform well but this model is not really intended for that, so the point is moot.

Overall, if you need a versatile item to maintain appearance of body and facial hair, and not necessarily perform big shaving jobs, then this All-in-One Premium Grooming Kit should serve you well and represents good value.

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