Philips Norelco Qt4070 Beard Trimmer


Philips Norelco is one of the main four companies that produce top of the range electric personal grooming products these days.

Here we concentrate on the Qt4070 Beard Trimmer and ask what does it look like? What does it do? How does it do it? What are users saying about it?

Appearance and Accessories

This unit is a very stylish black/silver device, shaped almost like a gently-tapering cone with a pointed end and a wider head.

It’s a sizable unit and weighs around a pound, so you know you’re holding something when it’s in your hand. There is a blue digital display that indicates battery usage and hair length setting.

Provided along with the unit is a charging adapter and cleaning brush.

Main Features

  • Trims beards, stubble and mustaches too.
  • It cuts using high-quality blades that require no lubrication.
  • Features an integrated vacuum system which cleans up the mess as it goes.
  • Boasts a remarkable 18 settings – ranging from 1/32 of an inch to 23/32 of an inch – meaning that it can handle just about any length of hair on any beard.
  • Easy-to-use zoom lock wheel secures your length selection.
  • Bright multifunctional display shows the length setting you’ve chosen.
  • It also has a micro-setting for use on stubble and an adjustable comb.
  • A turbo switch increases cutting and fan speed too, when necessary. Allows it to cut thicker growth or clean quicker.
  • The unit uses a powerful lithium-ion battery which allows 50 minutes continuous use on a one-hour charge.
  • It has a travel lock which makes it suitable for packing away in the weekend bag.
  • Can be used with the power cord too, if preferred.

Cleaning and Maintenance

What sets this item apart from the others is its integrated vacuum, which other competing models cannot boast. This system effectively captures hair inside the trimmer handle as you cut, leaving you with a clean basin.


The Qt40970 beard trimmer has a price tag of around $60 but you can usually get a discount if you buy online.


This unit carries a warranty of two-years, for added peace of mind.

User Reviews

The Philips Norelco Qt40970 beard trimmer is a relatively new product on the market but many people have commented on the clean sink that it leaves behind and this accounts for many of the positive reviews that it has received.

Other things that have gone down well are the turbo setting, which rips into tougher beards with more cutting power, as well as its stylish and ergonomic shape which makes it easy to use.

The main derogatory comments stem from its sharp-pointed guide comb which created discomfort for some users and provided uneven cuts, as well as not being easy to reach right up to the nose. This comment often comes from new users who maybe aren’t used to the design of the unit and how best to use it. Some users are disappointed that there is no charger stand also.

Overall the Qt40970 beard trimmer seems to more than justify its price tag.

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