Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver

Remington-MSC-140-Titanium-ShaverIs it hard to take your current razor to the gym to shave when you have finished working out? The Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver will not give you that problem. In fact, it was designed to be a razor that can travel very easily while still giving you a great shave. It features some very attractive benefits for men who have too much to do in the day to stand in front of a mirror for a long time shaving. There are also some other very attractive benefits that you will enjoy from the use of this great men’s shaver.

Features of the Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver

As you have probably insinuated from the name of this product it has some type of titanium in it. That titanium is used for making up the two ultra thin microscreens that provide your face a lot of comfort. This also means that they are very durable and will not need replaced very often, so you will save money as an added benefit.

Another thing you will really enjoy about the Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver is its compact easy to hold design. Do not be fooled by the widened head this portable electric shaver has. That is only used for covering more area of your face in a lesser amount of time than other shavers. The head will also help you to make a last minute grab in case the unlikely event of the shaver slipping from your grip happens.

This shaver features twice as many screens as other portable mens shavers and comes with a variety of things such as: a cleaning brush, a protective head guard, and two Rayovac AA batteries. That is all of the things you need to get you started using this portable electric shaver immediately.

Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver-Costs Less Than Disposable Razors

This electric shaver that is portable has everything that men who are looking to get a great shave on the go are looking for. You simply could not ask for anything that provides this much quality and this many benefits for less money than it sells for. When we say that is costs less than a disposable razor we mean it. The Remington MSC-140 Titanium Shaver can be found for the very low price of $15 at places who sell this amazing portable shaver. Remington also stands behind their products and offers a 30 day money back guarantee. That means if you do not like the shave you are getting from this electric razor you can return it for a refund. You cannot go wrong by giving this product a try.

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