Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver Review

The Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver is a traditional style foil shaver that offers a value for money solution to your shaving needs – and that includes shaving your head. It’s marketed particularly at people with sensitive skin who are susceptible to getting irritation, burn and razor bumps when they shave.

Appearance and Inclusions

The Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver is a striking black and gold color, with a more traditional appearance than the latest models from the Big Four manufacturers. This is a shorter and fatter device than the long, ergonomically designed models that are around now.

Along with shaving unit itself there is a cleaning brush, a foil guard and a recharging transformer supplied.

Main Features

  • Can be used on the head, face or neck.
  • Uses a patented Dynaflex cutting system.
  • Its head flexes to provide a comfortable shave to all parts of the face, neck and head area.
  • This unit uses hypoallergenic gold foils to provide a comfortable shave that will give you a bump free shave.
  • A pop up trimmer so that you can keep your mustache and sideburns trimmed.
  • Operates from power source or cordlessly, for extra convenience.
  • Made in the USA!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Use the cleaning brush to get trapped hair and stubble out of the foils and inside the unit.


You will find the Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver on sale for around $65 – $70, but you can find it cheaper than that on Amazon.com.


The Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

User Reviews

The Wahl Bump Free Foil Shaver doesn’t get the glowing reviews of many of the latest shavers but at its lower price point you wouldn’t expect it to.

It is a good value-for-money shaver that provides a good quality shave and that’s about it! It doesn’t have all the whistles and bells of more sophisticated models.

Reports from people who have previously suffered razor bumps are generally good with this unit. The main negative is about its noise level and low power level and there are some people who dislike the trimmer.

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