Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

wahl-ionThis is a great all in one trimmer package that will trim and details your beard, give you a close shave if that’s what you want, and even tidy up your hair if you use the clipper function.

Wahl is perhaps not the best known brand on the market, which is probably why you can buy this neat combo for around $35, and for that kind of money you’re really not taking much risk, even if you’ve never heard of Wahl.

Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer Review

The Ion All In One Trimmer from Wahl is a relatively new, mid-priced grooming device for men. We take a closer look at it here, giving you some background on Wahl, specifics about this grooming kit and how it is rated so far amongst users.

Wahl have been making products for home grooming since 1919, so they have almost a century of experience, even though their name is often not included amongst the main brands of electric shaver nowadays. They are known for producing clippers in the professional, animal and home-user areas and have pioneered several new innovations over the years from their HQ in Illinois – such as the cordless home trimmer. Their latest groomer also represents a design breakthrough in that it was the first to use a lithium ion battery in 2009, though this has become more commonplace since.

The All In One is a black and silver-colored unit, slim-line, easy to grip and relatively lightweight. It comes supplied with 17 different attachments, including trimmer blade, detail blade, dual foil shaver, T-Blade and 3 beard guides and 3 combs. It also comes with a storage base for the device and all of these attachments, together with a cleaning brush and blade oil.

The key feature that has added a new dimension to such devices is the battery though, as its name highlights. It has a lithium ion battery which holds its full, one hour, charge up to 10 times longer than a normal battery with 3 times the run time, as well as providing more torque when using. This allows for extra convenience and makes it ideal for taking traveling. It also has a quick charge option for a single session (around 4 minutes). Upon fully charging it shuts itself down, its smart battery helping to store its energy more efficiently and make it a “greener”, power-saving option.

People who have bought and used this unit generally have a very favorable experience, complimenting its battery and motor power especially and they love the quick-charge option. The dual – shaver comes in for praise but the whole unit is especially good for beard and mustache, body hair and for touching-up sideburns and neckline. Users liked its sturdy build, backed up by a 5-year guarantee.

The main negative is that it does emit more noise than the average trimmer, mainly on account of its extra power. The storage area comes in for some criticism in its ability to hold the attachments and the eyebrow/nose/ear attachment doesn’t seem to be very well received either.

It seems to take time to get used to all of these attachments but most people will only use a few of their personal favorites, in truth. Users recommend first using these attachments on less significant areas before using on the facial hair, which makes sense, given its extra cutting power.

At around $35 this is a diverse and useful unit that seems powerful enough to meet most groomers’ needs, at a price that cannot be argued with.

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